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I was officially responsible for collecting the statistics at POWER home games from 1990-91 to 1995-96, but I had been keeping the game results on my Commodore 64 computer for all this time. [I have Milwaukee WAVE and Illinois|Denver THUNDER results as well.] This is the base page for those stats. I found the regular season statistics, but not the playoff statistics. Those I will work on obtaining. For some of these seasons, players who were not on the roster by the end of that season are collectively credited as "other players". I would also like to break out those individual players, and I hope to find the more detailed statistics which will allow me to do that on these pages.

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1988-89 results 1988-89 statistics
1989-90 results 1989-90 statistics
1990-91 results 1990-91 statistics
1991-92 results 1991-92 statistics
1992-93 results 1992-93 statistics
1993-94 results 1993-94 statistics
1994-95 results 1994-95 statistics
1995-96 results 1995-96 statistics

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