• < I am not a spammer, hacker, or virus spreader. > •

To the new internet surfers (finally) landing on my World-Wide Web site: I apologize for interrupting your route to my index page. As a ‘contract hoster’, I felt doing this would be slightly brazen. Now that I have a registered domain, on a webhost which I attribute as buoyant and resilient to attacks for whatever reason, I can pronounce.

I resent what seems to be a movement to compel internet surfers to have an e-mail attack with one of these four providers -

I do not have an e-mail account with any of these four, and I never will.
My e-mail provider is Fastmail.com. It is W-WW based and hosted in Australia {which I did not know when I signed up for it - it used to be free, but now it charges a yearly fee}.
I mention here that everybody should use W-WW based e-mail providers. With those, you can set it that HTML e-mails are converted to text. HTML e-mails are still the most (ab)used method to infect and zombify a computer. With text, you can see that that link is not going to where that image banner displays (and in text, you would not view that image banner).

Around when I first began using Fastmail (July 2005), I came upon the service about which I am to inform you. It is called Spam Gourmet.
Spam Gourmet is an e-mail proxy which I utilize to protect my base e-mail on Fastmail. It is relatively simple to set up; as it states, once you do set it up, you might not have to go to its W-WW site again. Then, when I do want to send an e-mail to somebody of which I am uncertain might give | barter | sell my e-mail address to a spammer, I give it an e-mail address looking like whoareyou1.pudgym29 [at] spamgourmet.com. [This is a dummy e-mail address. Spam Gourmet has a handful of domains you can specify. The one I most often utililize is "xoxy.net" {because it is short}.]

Here comes the rant. It is stupifying how a number of entities with which I want to communicate have a policy, or so-called “security suite” such as Barracuda, which has decided that an e-mail address ending in spamgourmet.com or xoxy.net is itself spam and bounces the e-mail back to me with an "Address is not allowed to send E-Mail to <recipient>." error message.

But alongside this, an e-mail bearing an address of hahahaispamedyou [at] gmail.com sails clear through to the inbox (or its spam folder). Because the so-called “security suite” does not dare bounce an e-mail from there lest it wind up bouncing 90-99% of e-mail sent by anybody. Guess what? Serious spammers know this. They likely have a roster of thousands of Gmail accounts they can burn through.
So who is being protected and who is being discommended?

You might be stunned by who is a spammer. A number of entities I have sent a Spam Gourmet e-mail to and been accepted have given that e-mail address to a spammer! They probably felt I get so many spam e-mails already, I would not notice getting more from its referral. But, if the spammed address is from Spamgourmet.com (or its other domains), and I gave it out to only one entity, I know who did it. I can inform the formerly trusted e-mailer that it is no longer trusted.

What am I asking from you? I want you to e-mail your e-mail provider and tell it to cease bouncing e-mails from Spam Gourmet. Your e-mail will get through to an administrator there.

I thank you for putting up with this interruption. Click here to proceed to my main W-WW site.