• The Greenbush Brewing Company •
• 5885 Sawyer Rd.; Sawyer, MI. 49125 •
• (Berrien County) •

I was credentialed into the CONCACAF Gold Cup™ 2011 soccer tournament. My first matches were in Detroit, MI. on Tuesday, 7 June. It had broken on the Chicago Beer Society e-mail listserv that there was a new brewery which was scheduled to open on the 7th. It being the above-mentioned concern.
Since I would be motoring back to Chicago from Detroit on the day after, I elected to stop by here to see if it was open, and if so, what it had.

You know how openings go, especially when an external agency is involved. I arrived at the venue in the early afternoon. I went in the wrong door at the rear of the ediface; which accounts for the first few pictures of the backside of the physical plant. The venue was not yet officially open. It awaited its State of Michigan brewer's permit. I spoke with Brewmaster Scott Sullivan [depicted in the final photograph below]. He was optimistic the permit would arrive by Saturday the 11th.

Sawyer, MI. is in Berrien County, which is the closest county to Chicago. An important aspect to visiting here from Chicago is: Although you're still in broadcast distance from Chicago radio & television stations, Michigan is on Eastern Time [GMT - 5]. The exit for Sawyer is I-94, Exit #12.
[If you're traveling westbound on I-94, the Sawyer exit will put another venue I recommend in open sight; just across Sawyer Road and slightly to your left. I'll just scrawl it was plugging "Buy 2 DVDs, get 1 Free" on its exterior.]

The brewery is on the north side of Sawyer Rd., and immediately after you pass eastbound over a railroad crossing, which angles past it to the northeast. In its last incantation, this was a laundry.
For being this close to a railroad, it may interest you that, yes, a freight train once partially derailed and introduced itself to the building. Fortunately, there were no injuries.
It is a brewery, not a brewpub, but it does have a taproom. Outside food may be brought in. Once it gets its permit, it will be open four days a week (Thu-Fri 12:01 - 8:00 pm; Sat-Sun 12:01 - 9:00 pm). Its capacity is 7 (seven) BBL. Six-packs of 12-ounce bottles are anticipated, & growlers will be filled. Merchandise is available.
It plans to serve 12 (twelve) beers on tap when running at capacity. Data is known about seven of those 12 beers. Alcohol by volume shall range from 6.1% to 9.3%.

Thanks to an unencripted Wi-Fi network (probably from a sports bar next door; subscribed to XFinity, but which Remote_Host had in Indiana), I was able to put all of its data on Foursquare.

Here is its World-Wide Web home page. {Its author confuses “it's” with “its”.}
You may follow it on Twitter as "greenbush_brew".

The Greenbush Brwg. Co.; Sawyer, MI.
All photographs taken by Steve De Rose with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 camera.
rear view 1 rear view 2 packaging line lagering tank
lagering tanks & kegs Briess malt imported malt (U.K.) street view
view from tap room seat (Scott Sullivan in background) merchandise & growlers licenses & permits Brewmaster Scott Sullivan

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