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What is my favorite interest? After a long time when I hid this from the “vanilla” public, and from mom {She was listening to Laura Ingraham up to the time of her first stroke in September 2008.}, I feel free to mention it now.

I am an erotica collector. In the course of reading available texts on erotica [| porn | smut], I have picked up on a good slice of its history. But unfortunately, in North America, this is a topic which cannot be openly broached. Merely its mention causes a plurality of people to squirm away.

I kept my interest in this hidden from mom, dad, and most other family members for a long time. Getting VHS videocassettes with this content into the domicile here required ingenuity, and the sporadic ‘white lie’ [“Another brewery sending samples of its newest beers for me to taste and report about.”].
Somehow, in June 1998, I managed to show & tell my way into becoming the provider of smut for the Twisted Spoke [at Ogden & Grand Aves. in Chicago] restaurant's Saturday evening presentations of "Smut & Eggs". Nobody on my families' sides knew I was doing this. All they knew was that I liked to spend Saturday nights at the Twisted Spoke. Maybe I was trying to meet somebody. (I was. But I came to entertain that if I ever did meet a female who enjoyed what I did there, there would be no way I could introduce her to my parents. Do you remember what I scrawled on the index page about being 15 feet away from mom's bedroom?)
Mom never did learn that I was the provider.
Dad did not know exactly what I was doing until his brother [my uncle] Russell called him here long-distance from the metro Washington, DC. area after finding an on-line Chicago Reader article published in August 2006, blowing my cover. {His opening line: "Do you know what your son is doing on Saturday nights?"} [I would still like to know who tipped me off to the Reader. Not that I would do anything upon learning such.] Thankfully, this information did not bother dad.

Conversely, during this span, soccer players, coaches, and league officials knew I was doing this. There were approximately nine to twelve Saturdays during each calendar year when I would be elsewhere, whether it was covering soccer, going to Cinema Wasteland, or attending a distant craft beer exposition.
Yet after the Reader article ran, the media relations director of Chicago's-then indoor soccer franchise decided he was not going to accreditate me to cover their matches in 2006-07. He was a graduate of a religious-based university. This franchise bit the dust after that season.

I departed the Twisted Spoke in December 2008. The new bar manager there wanted to turn over the roster. I thought I would have a better opportunity to meet females, especially on a Saturday night, if they did not initially know about my erotica library.
I've not been able to show my movies anywhere since 2012 (I would like to return to doing this.); but a lot of people still associate me with the Twisted Spoke. It is still a great venue. It still shows smut on Saturday nights, including content which I would endorse. It just is not my smut.

My talent is again available. Visit this W-WW page for information on hiring me to show my library of erotica | smut | porn in your licensed venue.

My real-life world does not orbit solely around porn, but if anybody was to declare, "Either the porn goes or I go.", you have one guess which would be discarded.

It is now April 2022. I still have not gotten a match-up with somebody (preferably female) out here somewhere.
I came close toward the end of July 2014 at a swinger-affiliated hotel party. But it did not happen for me. Then the hotel's owner | operator tried to sandbag me with a $250 “cleaning fee” falsely saying he had caught me smoking in my hotel room.
I have never smoked anything, either licit or illicit, but that did not stop him from trying to enforce his decision. (He reported to nobody higher!) My credit card company finally settled the dispute for me. I submit this rip-off was how the hotel, which lost its major chain affiliation [Ramada], attempted to stay in operation. It closed permanently in 2015.

I perceive, on the sexpositive arc, I am closer to the “swinger” side than to the BDSM side; but most of my contacts so far have been with BDSM people. On the BDSM spectrum, I am in that portion designated “a service top”; i.e. You are the person telling me what to do with you. Wherewith, this is where I can interact with females who could be persuaded to occasionally flex over to the “swinger” side. Some attitudes modify, but the one about single males being involved with “swinging” is still resistant.
Being expected to pay more money than somebody who identifies as “female” in order to intercourse with them is beyond the pale. A club which pulls a shenanigan like this is not looking for new members. It is fishing for fools who will pay its ridiculous “single male” fee to sit around and be ignored while the rest of them play only with each other. It should cease calling itself an organization, and quit publicizing its assemblages.
I am a member at FetLife, Kasidie, and at Swing Life Style [SLS], which bizarrely insists on prior approval before anybody links to its World-Wide Web site. {I read Terms of Service statements.}

In February 2013, I published a new zine which orbited around my experiences in Japan: "Japan Jaunt". Roctober magazine described it as "Pudgy's best zine yet". It includes articles submitted to outside publishers, as well as new, original copy.
I published another print issue in August 2017, and revised it relatively recently. It is available for free download here.

I had an incident of the stars aligning in early March 2015. My travel bot turned up an amazingly low airfare from Chicago to Tokyo, Japan. Both jaunts involved changing planes, but each arrived or departed from Tokyo Haneda (HND) airport. I wrote than Haneda is to Narita what Chicago Midway is to O'Hare. If you can get a flight into HND, and it is not a premium compared to the airfare to NRT, go into HND. But I was again unable to stay in Yokohama because the house master of Guest House Kanalian (on the ‘spammy’ regular bookmark page) was taking off some days to visit a relative in Okinawa. The hostel I stayed at this time was formerly part of the Khaosan Group, but is now independent. It is near Asakusa. I had last stayed here in 2010. The day before I returned, I migrated to the Keikyū EX Inn Kamata [5-28-18 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo-to], because my flight leaving HND was @ 9:45 am [GMT + 9], and if I checked out of the hostel before 9:00 am, I would not get my deposits returned. The EX Inn was a tiny room, but sufficient for either a short, or a medium-range stay. With advance booking and a favorable exchange rate (I got ¥118 = $1.), it was $59 | night.

I got a bunch of photographs, which might wind up on-line somewhere. I also met Brian MacDuckston of Ramen Adventures (on the regular bookmark page) for a bowl one evening in Kichijoji.

I want to again visit Europe one of these years. It would not be the U.K. I am discouraged by its laws conflating BDSM activity with “illegal” sensual acts, and redefining images of “extreme BDSM” such that its owners can wind up on the "sex offender" list! My European trip would be to Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. Belgium would have to wait for a subsequent visit.
I appreciate the reason I keep going back to Japan [& Tokyo | Yokohama at that] is because I can remove the mask about my delights in erotica and sensuality there, in spite of not really knowing the spoken language.
View the CNN episode of "Anthony Bourdain [R.I.P.]: Parts Unknown" about Japan for a remarkable peep of what this encompasses (& somehow got away with a "TV-PG" rating ~ although I suspect Christian Mingle will not again sponsor this episode's closed-captioning).

There is a Steely Dan (Walter Becker & Donald Fagen) lyric which reads,

"If I had my way /
I would move to another lifetime /
I'd quit my job /
Ride the train through the misty nighttime /
I'll be ready when my feet touched ground /
Wherever I come down /
And if the folks will have me /
Then they'll have me.

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