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A solid international adult-oriented bookmark page.

I have heard that other Internet denizens do not mention or link to these bookmark pages, not because of what I link to, but because my full name appeared up front. This has to do with “doxing”. I stand behind the World-Wide Web sites to which I link. If you look at the Source Code here, my name remains in the metadata.

I have removed the JavaScript code which kicks you out to if I detect you surfing here with Microsoft©® Internet Explorer® (because MsIE is no longer in support). There is a problem with Chrome as well as Edge. Other World-Wide Web browsers track your on-line movement, ostensibly to target which ads it will show you, which you most likely do not glimpse because you also utilize an ad-blocker extension. But it would have to comply with a court order to turn over all your World-Wide Web browsing history to an investigating agency.
Have you noticed that people have written “advice” columnists relating that he | she was snooping around on a companion's computer, and being shocked by what the browsing history supposedly showed? Besides that the snooper should be dumped immediately (He | She is looking for ammunition for a future break-up, and has just birthed it.); this is a very common incident which could lead to real-life problems for people, period. Cease using MsIE. Chrome is not better. Instead of Microsoft©®, Google™ is tracking your World-Wide Web surfing history.
Firefox has a setting which will automatically clear your browsing history, download history, cache, and cookies when you close it.
Flash: I saw another “advice” columnist tell a letter writer she should be suspicious of her companion because the browser history had been cleaned! How did these dolts actually get their columns (and so-called “authority”)? I bet it involved a lewd act which if any of their readers wrote in to mention having done similarly, they would be excoriated in print.

I remind you that the sites where I link are the responsibilities of those sites' webmasters. Please do not hold me liable if you contend with something which appears on a W-WW site to which I link.
[These sites are not hosted in the U.S.A.]

A note about these URLs: For many of the W-WW sites on this page, I urge you to use Tor, configure a tested anonymous proxy in your browser, or possibly surf via a Virtual Privacy Network [VPN], before you land there. [A tested anonymous proxy is one which does not reveal your Internet Protocol {I. P.} Address.] See the regular bookmark page for where to obtain and test one. Turn off JavaScript|ActiveX® in your browser before you click on a link. The sites where you need to turn on some form of scripting in order to view the content are denoted beneath.

Sexuality Resources

European Girls' Adult Film Database
Here is the continental version of the r.a.m.e site (which is on the U.S.A.-based page). It differs in that it is self-contained, rather than orbiting around a Usenet newsgroup. There is a forum linked in here, for which I keenly recommend signing on. The DVD revolution resulted in quite many European erotic movies (and videos) of the 1970s and 1980s becoming available in the U.S.A. The "Films" section here is especially good at denoting all the alternate titles of movies, and revealing directors' smut pseudonyms.
Adult Loop Database (ALDb)
This is a non-profit initiative. The World-Wide Web site is set up to function as a platform to collect and put on display data on vintage 8mm sex films, also known as loops, roughly spanning the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. It is a valuable resource; however, please note it does not want its scans reposted or republished. It is registered to somebody in, and hosted in the Netherlands.
Enchanting Amsterdam
Are you contemplating a holiday which will be unlike that in most places on this planet? This URL gives you key, pithy data about Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It now takes the form of a forum. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to use this site.
Cinema Sewer
I finally met Robin Bougie when visiting Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2018. It was brief. I tried to make arrangements to ask him out for a beer, but Robin did not answer my E-Mails, or my U.S.P.S. letter. I got an impression he was not keen on drinking. Fortunately for me (| unfortunately for Robin?), I had his house number from all the mailings I had sent him {including postcards from Japan}, and I deduced how to ride transit there. I loathed this; but I had to do it. I showed up on a Sunday afternoon and rang his doorbell. The perk was meeting Robin and Rebecca's cats. It was also an opportunity to unload remnant Canadian currency for his "Graphic Thrills" movie poster books.
"Cinema Sewer" was published from 1997 to 2022. This is the World-Wide Web site where you can obtain Robin's works, which I still highly recommend.

Adult W-WW Site Reviews

Rabbit's Porn Network
This World-Wide Web site is dedicated to informing consumers about the good and bad quality adult pay sites out here. Much of the time, the best thing about pay sites are their alluring tours, or their front pages.
Erotiqué Salon
Here is a more recently-found W-WW site performing the same function as PornLiving. It has multiple classifications to aid you in finding the specific erotic niché. The domain name is registered to someone in Portugal, but it is hosted in the U.K. (despite its I. P. Address range belonging to France).

Free Erotic W-WW Sites

Thumbnail Group Preview [TGP] Sites

Here is a huge consortium of non-redirecting links to free images and movies [note the categories to the left]. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
Fusker [secure]
After some length of time, this image harvesting World-Wide Web utility is back online. It is now hosted in Latvia. If you wish to register, you can submit fuskers and watch new fuskers being created in real time. I am registered here under a pseudonym.
The concept behind Fusker is that a gallery of images at a W-WW host has those images numbered sequentially [e.g. "hot101.jpg", "hot102.jpg", "hot103.jpg", et cetera]. You can specify downloading that entire range of images by submitting a fusker here. It will then be available for not only you, but everybody who lands on this page. (Read the ‘how to’ link from here for more information.)
For some reason, the referred-in images may not fully propagate for subsequent viewers [i.e.: There were 20 images in the fusker submission, but only five of them are appearing.].
This is a World-Wide Web site which seeks to reproduce the ability of the former Fusker W-WW site. Surfers submit URLs of other W-WW pages which offer at least six free porn images that are saved in a sequence. However, some content is declined. It is hosted in France.
P i c t o a
This is a collator of adult-oriented images. It boasts of tens of millions of pictures, classified by categories, or which can be sought using the box atop this page. It is available in eight languages. I send you to the English-language site. You may also register for additional capabilities. It is hosted in France.
Persian Kitty
I send you to its text link page, which shuffles the alphabetic order of its links to start with a letter other than “A”. The more graphic-intense pages are near the top here. There is also a blog in which you may be interested. The domain is registered to somebody near Seattle, WA., but it is hosted in Panama.
Freak Thumbs
Here is a Brazilian English-language link site. The descriptions are very terse. The reason I added it is because it links to content not otherwise easily found on the World-Wide Web. You may vote for links you particularly enjoyed. A Portuguese-language version of this site is also available {in the upper left}. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to use this site.
JAV Bangers
This is another streaming | tube World-Wide Web site mostly consisting of Japanese Adult Videos, both censored | mosaiced and uncensored, from which it can be downloaded. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
Noodle Magazine
This is a search engine for streaming videos. You may look for any type of erotic content. I typically search by entering the label and release number of the video. Most of the results, which appear as thumbnails, are hosted on its own filehost, from which it can be downloaded. It is hosted in the Czech Republic.
Tokyo Motion
This is a video and image link site which I learned about when a video it hosted was referred into a sexblog post. One aspect which lowers its value is its watermarking everything uploaded to it. Since I now have a 1 GB fiber broadband Internet connection, this is available to me. Most of the videos can be downloaded via Firefox utilizing "The Stream Detector" [on the U.S.A.-based bookmark page] add-on. I am registered here under a pseudonym. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, and accept cookies. The website reads a variable in Firefox to select which language to initially display. However, it is available in twenty-six languages.
I have the perspective that porn is “illegal” there; but somehow this site is hosted in the People's Republic of China!
Porn 87 videos
Here is another World-Wide Web site which has streams on downloadable servers. I send you to the page with its tags annotated. Use the Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on to translate. Its webmaster | janitor is in Great Britain, but the site is hosted in Japan.
Porn Revolution
This is a link site with thumbnail links to a variety of erotic videos. I hesitated to link to this because it is extensively composed of Flash®-based content. But I followed its webmaster on Twitter, and he is less concerned about the particular medium than about what it depicts. So if you like Flash®-based content, visit here. It is hosted in the Czech Republic.
Eros Group
This is a link site which initially drew me to it from a mention on a Japan-based podcast I downloaded. I do not personally recommend it for its videos (they send you to the Japanese version of Pornhub), but for its numerous image galleries, although they ceased being uploaded in December 2016. Depending on your browser's settings, an automatic translation from Japanese to English [by Google™] will be offered at the top of the page. This translation will be pushed through on any of the accompanying classifications on its left side. This site is hosted in Japan.
Porno Media
This was formerly "Canal 96". This site has links to a spectrum of free adult-oriented W-WW sites. It is available in English or Español.
Jolies Filles Nues
This W-WW site was difficult to classify. It is a sexblog, in French, in which the blogger shares softcore galleries of beautiful women. It has not been updated since December 2008, but since he links to other erotic weblogs, I leave it on here. It is hosted in France.


Akiba-Online [secure]
This is predominantly a forum, with a small weblog affiliated with it, where registered members discuss Japanese entertainment. It orbits around JAV, but manga, anime, gravure idols, and J-Pop also have rubrics. I can recommend registering for its forum (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted), which you would need to do should you want to post or respond. I am registered here under a pseudonym.
I urge you to configure an anonymous proxy in your browser, possibly surf via a Virtual Privacy Network [VPN], or use Tor here.
The entire Junior Idols [U-18] rubric was removed on 20 February 2023. Akiba-Online is hosted in Seychelles.
Sukebe Links
This page resurfaced. It is reminiscent of my own bookmark pages, although our webmaster | janitor does not classify each and every link. There are (at this time) fourteen pages of live action links, and one page for hentai links. The links reading "[English here]" send you to a pay site. The major snag here is many of the links are off-line, or if they are still extant, now forward to a new webhost URL [i.e.: The link goes to smutwebsite1, but it now displays as pornwebsite2.]. The janitor really needs to run this through a link validator and remove the ones which are gone. The domain name is registered to somebody in Cuba(!), but it is hosted in Osaka, Japan.
D o g a z o
Dogazo was a Japanese-language blogger who enjoyed a spectrum of erotica: Explicit, softcore, and non-nude. You can search for a certain topic via the link tags on the left side of the screen.
Pussy Cat TGP
This W-WW site is a rare English-language referrer to Japanese urabon sites [the image links at the bottom]. It also links to fifty-nine other TGP, or traffic measuring sites [on the left], which is the reason it remains on here. It has not been updated since 1 July 2007.
Weekend Gallery
Here is a mega-site with its own uploaded series, and links to many others. There are five more pages of links (The "Gallery" links) as well as links to its referrer sites.
{ and its affiliates are hosted in Canada.}
Marumie's urahon and more
Marumie links to a limited number of urahon books, but he also has scores of links to sites of uncensored Japanese girls, other adult, and even hentai anime W-WW sites. It is hosted in Japan.
Tokyo Topless
Here's a relatively swift-loading Japanese site with pictures of Fuzoku, Busty Beauties, and topless pictures by some of Tokyo's top photographers. The females are natural. This site has been on the World-Wide Web since March 1995.

Urabon | Urahon

Japanese Cute Girls Collection
"Urabon" is a keyword which frequently finds my bookmark pages. There are very few English-language W-WW sites with any information and|or links about it. It is a fascinating subject in itself, and equally importantly, the images are erotic and satisfying. The final urabon photobook, a double issue of ‘greatest hits’, was published in 2007.
Here is a page which links to the BOBY | PGF (Photo Group Frontier) picture sets. The circumstances of these photographs is told on this page. BOBY did not photograph all the sets, but he did the overwhelming number of them. I send you to the page with sets #151-168. To access the others, change the "04" in the URL to "03"; "02" & "01". There are also links to many other photosets and movies.
Be careful back-parsing, or clicking on "Mainpage - NEW!". It will take you to a page (, which is completely in Japanese, and provides no easy way back to the English-language side of the site.
PIXY and PGF images
Cute-82 is a comprehensive Japanese-language erotic link W-WW site. I discovered this by checking on old urabon links. This page has three frames, including the links to the PGF and PIXY images.
Illegally in Japan
This site has urabon books from as far back as January 1981, as well as ones of which it is unsure of its initial publication. Each gallery has 23 to 32 complete, 52-page photo books. There are thirty-four galleries.
One aspect which makes these photographs so collectable is that since they are “illegal”; the pictures do not have any W-WW site advertising emblazed thereupon, or have a web bug embedded into them.
The keenest snag I discovered on these pages is that many of the older link sites no longer exist, and there is no way to contact the webmaster.
There is an additional urabon link page on the U.S.A.-based adult bookmark page.

Text Links & Fora

Vintage Erotica Forum
Here is a forum orbiting around retrograde porn and smut (up to 1997), but there is also a section for ‘modern’ smut. I learned about it when someone referred my bookmark pages there. You must register, turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® and accept cookies in order to post or respond here. I am registered here. This site is hosted in the Netherlands.
Many file locker “services” like Rapidgator, Putlocker, Firedrive, FileJoker, Keep2Share, Ryushare, and Tezfiles utilize restrictions for non-paying users. I do not recommend using uploaders or downloaders which require JavaScript|ActiveX® being enabled (because you can be traced); and I most certainly contend with file locker sites which attempt to compel you to pay for a “premium” account. When it gets served by a content provider, prompting its cessation, forget about getting your money back, and hope the content provider doesn't decide to come after you. (The litigation will demand the identity of every “premium” account. If you bought your “premium” account with a credit card, the credit card data has your real name and street address.)
Most of these movies are not copyrighted worldwide. A substantial number were never even released in the U.S.A.
Further down on this bookmark page, you will see links to semi-anonymous Japanese uploader W-WW sites, which is what I use when wanting to upload a large file.
Here is a revised W-WW site which has been on-line for a long time. The site's content orbits around mature ladies (a|k|a MILFs), but includes other erotic topics. This site is registered to somebody in Germany, but is hosted in the Netherlands.
Alpha Porno
This is another MGP W-WW site. The reason it is on here is because you can find an understandable and copyable URL for the movie in its Source Code [Ctrl + U]. This site is registered to somebody in Panama, but is hosted in the Netherlands.
Mega Porn Dump
It has become complicated to find free erotic movie | video content in downloadable format. For some of these World-Wide Web sites, you can try reading the Source Code [Ctrl + U] to see if you can find the true URL of the Flash®-based file which is being embedded into that W-WW page. A downloader program like Download Manager can then harvest it for future viewing.
This is a repository of links to erotic images, movies, and netcams, most of which are provided by the original uploaders of the content publicized. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
This is an interactive forum where registered members personally recommend erotic videos and images they have found on the World-Wide Web. It believes it is the first adult television W-WW site brought to you by yourself. Content can be sought in multiple methods. There is also a forum for which you may register. The domain name is registered to someone in Panama, but it is hosted in the Netherlands.'s porn clips
This is a weblog with links to scores of pages in its archive. There are some thumbnails, but the majority of the links are textual. If you surf here with JavaScript|ActiveX® on, an entry box will temporarily interrupt your passage. It is in English, but it is hosted in France.
Fetish Bank
Here is a swift-loading TGP W-WW site with nineteen indices of fetish resources. Each of those indices has sub-rubrics with non-redirecting links to the subject matter. It is a service of Mediasec. This site, online since 1999, is registered to someone in Italy, but it is hosted in Canada.
The Hun's Yellow Pages®©
The Hun, who is domiciled in the Netherlands, has been on the Internet since 1996. This page, which is updated daily, has text links, and also now thumbnail links, to free sites for the last four days. The archive is at the foot of the page. Its custom search engine checks on old links going back to 2002! You may view his Gazette at
Adult convenience notebook
This is a Japanese page with text links to a spectrum of erotic W-WW sites. The Firefox add-on Rikaichamp [on the regular bookmark page] will be handy when surfing this site, which has a frame.
This W-WW site is the home to House of Dong, a sex toy shop, and is also the official home for convicted artist Mike Diana. It is hosted in Canada.
L u s t e c
Here is another forum with links to a spectrum of erotic movies and videos. They are additionally categorized (on the left). It is hosted in Latvia.
Sex and Fun forum
Here is a text forum with scores of rubrics to movies (mostly), and pictures. Registration is mandatory. Members earn credits for what they provide to the forum. I send you directly to its I. P. Address because it did not timely renew its domain name {which was}. This site is hosted in the Netherlands. The main webmaster | janitor is M. Koster.
Smut torrents [#2]
This is a W-WW site listing erotic movies and videos currently being seeded on BitTorrent networks. There are many other rubrics here, and an advanced file search is also available. There is another smut torrent listing site on the U.S.A.-based bookmark page.
[N.B.: Do not send any torrent W-WW site a tracable payment instrument, even if it pleads for financial help. Governments and people claiming to act on behalf of a copyright holder are attacking torrent listing W-WW sites with fury. LokiTorrent, which solicited funds, when threatened by the M.P.A.A. and the R.I.A.A., not only went off-line, but was compelled to release the identification of each and every person who had sent it money; setting them up for subsequent indictment.] This site is hosted in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


BDSM Radio Holland
Here is an audio program W-WW site combining music with discussion of BDSM. It is available in either Dutch or English language. If you proceed, a frame will generate. It is hosted in the Netherlands. The link back to here is on the "Links.html" page.
Gay Thumbs
Here is a Dutch W-WW site with much content, including links to bareback material.

Restrictive territory

Morgado's Links
I have reclassified a number of links on this page under this new rubric. For these links, I urge you to configure an anonymous proxy in Firefox, possibly surf via a Virtual Privacy Network [VPN], or use Tor before landing on any of them.
This is a page of links which were formerly part of a forum administered by Morgado. Morgado has moved on from here, and has ceased operation. But, some of these links may still be on-line. It is hosted in Japan.
Japanese Loli Panties
This is a Japanese-language eroblog where the females engaging in lewd activities are wearing panties typically marketed to prepubescents. It runs the spectrum of entertainment, including idol and non-nude content, of both images and videos. The site is hosted in Japan. I would appreciate a reciprocal link. Use the TWP - Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on to translate this into English (or your preferred language).
AV Baron
This is a World-Wide Web information site for free loli AV actresses, gravure IVs, child actors, etc. for gentlemen (& ladies) who like baby faced performers. It has many projects that other weblogs do not have. All the characters in the erotic videos presented are at least eighteen years of age. Its webmaster | janitor is highly interactive. He also administers a video weblog at I would appreciate a reciprocal link. Use the TWP - Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on to translate this into English (or your preferred language). Both are hosted in Japan.
Pakosen's special free Loli Videos
This is an eroblog in which our webmaster | janitor provides links to Japanese Adult Videos and Gravure Image Videos featuring baby faced performers. There are eight main categories, and each of them have sub-directories. Use the TWP - Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on to translate this into English (or your preferred language). What you should attempt to accomplish here is learning the label and release number of the video in which you are interested. It is complicated: You mouse over the blue box reading "Click here for high quality full version of this video" and inspect the URL. The aspect of the URL which has the label and release number is in "cid=". Search for it. Hopefully, a streaming W-WW site will have it. Our webmaster | janitor is thoroughly anonymized. The site is hosted in Japan. I have added this link to participate in his link exchange program.
JAV rape videos
Explicit videos presenting fantasy scenes of non-consensual sexual activity are still made and released in Japan. This is a sexblog in which our webmaster | janitor (‘Zetsubou’) presents the ones he recommends of the past three years. Some of the content requests tolerance from you. Use the TWP - Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on to translate this into English (or your preferred language). He is thoroughly anonymized. The site is hosted in Australia.
Manga illustration studios
This is a collator of a number of Japanese-based professional manga illustration studios, including Fractal Underground and Lewd Angels, as well as thousands of individual artists. It believes it is the best source of free hentai doujinshi, manga, artist CG, and anime. Our webmaster is in Bangladesh. The site is hosted in Russia.
Fractal Underground Studio
This is the official W-WW site of a Japanese illustration studio. It focuses on hentai manga featuring very young looking females. These illustrations are legal in Japan. However, this content is what led to Christopher Handley's indictment (and subsequent “guilty” plea).
These illustrations are drawings. They are fantasy images. The persons depicted therein do not exist in real life.

Image BBS' | Image boards

Image BBS link board
Image BBS' | boards allow you to upload a .jpg or a .gif to the BBS to share with others. Registration is seldom required, allowing for semi-anonymity. Use the Firefox Translator add-on to translate this into English (or your preferred language). This site classifies the image BBS'.
Another way to find image boards is to search for URLs containing "img_get/bbs.cgi"; "imgboard.cgi"; "joyful.cgi"; "sr3_bbss.cgi"; "futaba.htm"; or "wakaba.htm"; or hitting Reverse Access Ranking W-WW link sites like
I reiterate that the images posted on these BBS' can range from the silly and cute, to the strong and shocking.
Please do not hold me responsible if somebody posted an image to which you object.
The BBS' hosted in Japan still adhere to the Japanese practice of “correcting” [| mosaicing | censoring] the genitalia of the person or persons depicted in the image. However, the existance of urabon [| urahon] is patently obvious to everybody; including those who land here and view the links to the free urabon photo book W-WW sites. “Mainstream” media in Japan shall mention urabon productions. If you spend any length of time in Japan, you will find a purveyor selling unmosaiced videos featuring Japanese females. [They have mostly migrated to the W-WW; e.g.] They are from U.S. corporations like FantaDream; Kamikaze; J-Spot Co., Ltd.; and Magic Banana.
Image Bulletin Board Ranger
This is a Japanese-hosted World-Wide Web site collating over one hundred imageboards, of which the majority are erotica-based. It requests some tolerance from you as to what some of the imageboards present.
Panchira board
This is an imageboard featuring images of “peeping” and | or consenting displays of females (mostly Japanese) revealing their panties. Each page has five images. Most of the images are non-nude. It is hosted in Japan.
Breast board
This board features imagery of the above. Breasts of all sizes may now be displayed here. The phenomenon of big-breasted females in Asian photobooks and videos is one of those rare instances where a U.S.A. fetish {especially the "limbercore" movies of Russ Meyer} took root in Japan.
Board & uploader links #1
This page denotes what are the largest files you may upload to a specific image BBS. I recommend studying this page if you desire to share a large file somewhere. These uploaders are more secure, less likely to be subjected to a false takedown report, and much less likely to cause you legal problems than commercial hosts like Ryushare, Keep2share, FileJoker, Rapidgator, etc.
Board & uploader links #2
I was directed to this uploader collator via a forum post. If you are looking to leak a semi-classified document to the media, or a ‘watchdog’ agency, but are not allowed to use portable USB flash drives; these semi-anonymous uploaders are a method you can still utilize.
Board & uploader links #3
This directory includes uploaders which can accept as much as a 4 GB file. All three of these sites are hosted in Japan. If you are not physically in Japan, it requires a Japanese proxy or Tor exit point for you to reach this W-WW site.
Gazo-ch BBS'
These BBS' shows thumbnails of the images uploaded to it. There are multiple BBS' at this W-WW site. From the list on the left of the screen, you select from many choices, including the image BBS'. Some of the numbers are skipped. Each BBS is dedicated to one particular theme.
Ero Town
This is another site linking to ten BBS', including one dedicated to hentai manga.
Upload yourself #1a
This is MobyPicture. Its most frequent use is to refer NSFW images onto a Twitter | X feed. Unlike other dynamic, but identifiable uploader services, it does not discriminate against nudity or erotic imagery, or the persons who upload such. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
Perplexingly, some so-called “family friendly” image hosts will exhibit close-to-the-edge banner ads (scantily-clad anime characters) on their display pages.
Upload yourself #2a [secure]
Here is another semi-anonymous image uploader. It is suitable for work-safe and NSFW images. You can view galleries uploaded by other people. You can upload via the common method, or via Flash®. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
Upload yourself #3a (Arabic)
Here is an image host where you may upload up to fifteen images at a time. The site is registered to somebody in Palestine, but is hosted in France.
Upload yourself #4a
Here is a semi-anonymous image host hosted in India. Images may be uploaded via the common method, or via Flash®. You may also upload a .zip, .rar, .tar, .gz, or .tgz file with up to 30 images contained, and it will extract and host all of them. However, perhaps because of this function, it has been banned from some fora [e.g.: Vintage Erotica Forum].
Upload yourself #5a
This is imagebam. It is one of the most frequently used image host. I have uploaded images here, both "safe-for-work" and "not-safe-for-work". You can upload up to thirty images at a time, but if you block ad banners {typically in NoScript}, only twenty-five will actually be kept. It is hosted in the Netherlands.
Upload yourself #6a
You may upload images one at a time here. It is hosted in the Czech Republic.
Upload yourself #7a
You may upload images one (or more if you know how to Ctrl+click on each image) at a time here. It is hosted in Bangladesh.
Upload yourself #8a
You may upload images one (or more if you know how to Ctrl+click on each image) at a time here, and complete a captcha. It is hosted in Seychelles.
Upload yourself #9a
You may upload images one at a time here. It is hosted in Poland.
Upload yourself #10a
The reason I added these Arabic-language image hosts is because there are no buttons to click to determine the display appearance of your images, they produce a small thumbnail well-suited for referring into a forum, and they are suitable for both "safe-for-work" (SFW) and "not-safe-for-work" (NSFW) images. I am adding image hosts which are themselves “experimental”, so if you give them a try, ensure you have backups of the images being uploaded.
If this W-WW site does not show you the boxes which you need to click in order to upload an image, in Firefox, on the menu bar, click View > Page Style > No Style. This is registered to somebody in Saudi Arabia, but it is hosted in France.
Upload yourself #11a
These following image hosts are more sophisticated in their experiment. They can all be utilized without JavaScript® being enabled, which can be essential if you are using Tor Browser. The routine for viewing the upload buttons is: On the Menu bar, click View > Page Style > No Style.
This is Lostpix. It is registered to somebody in Russia, but is hosted in Germany.
Upload yourself #12a
You may upload images three at a time here. It is hosted in Jordan.
Upload yourself #13a
You may upload images three at a time here, then complete a captcha. It is hosted in France.
Upload yourself #14a
You may upload an image one at a time here, then complete a captcha. It is hosted in Russia.
Upload yourself #15a
Another reason I link to these obscure image hosts is because when you click on a thumbnail link depicting its image, it shows you the full-sized image; not a W-WW page with banner ads framing it such that you need to right-click on the image once more to view it completely. It is hosted in Russia.
Incidentally, I have never had an episode of a Russian-hosted server trying successfully to infect my computer.


C a m 4 [.nl]
Here is a Flash®-based webcam site, hosted in the Netherlands, where people can exhibit themselves, and view other people. It was recommended in a group on FetLife which I followed. Its advantage over JMeeting is that every cam has its own attached chat room. If you're exhibiting, you can learn who is observing you. Its disadvantage is that the picture size (which cannot be altered) is sufficiently large enough to render impossible viewing a second webcam on your monitor. You can register here for free. There is a token system in which users can buy tokens which can then be donated to a specific cam performer; but that would require full identification of oneself (purchasing tokens has to be done via a credit card). I am registered here under a pseudonym.
Live O M G
A search engine (not Google™) turned up this webcam collation page. It has many cams, mostly from Europe, so consider the time zone difference between there and where you are. It is hosted in Sweden, but is registered to someone in Latvia.
This is not a live webcam site. It is a compendium of webcam episodes which were capped by a viewer and shared on-line. All our webcam models are identified by their cam name. The episode may be available for download - but I have not yet tried to do so. The output is a .rar file. If it is passworded, I did not see the password.
The oldest webcam is from April 2014, and the newest from December 2018. This site is hosted in the Netherlands.

Fie on D.M.C.A.

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