Who are my Ex's?

Do excuse me for the personal tone of this screen. In actuality, just who was responsible for the people who put on the uniform of the POWER in our last two seasons in Chicago? A cast list of the probable protagonists includes:

But are any of them likely to admit responsibility? I submit "no". While the first entry may have had the most important word, I do not expect him to step forward.
So I will take the blame.

The following table lists the names of the
[on a 16-man roster] players who played at least one game for us in 1994-95 or 1995-96. These guys are the players to whom I shall always refer as "My Ex's". Despite having taken four years of Latin in high school, and the consequent predisposition to use polysyllabic language whenever possible, there are no words which can fully express my gratitude to these guys, who came into a situation in which they knew a successful outcome was questionable, but still gave 100% every time they pulled on the POWER jersey.
Going 12-68 over two seasons is like bathing in acid: You will likely survive, but you will be changed permanently afterward. It is still better than having no team at all.

When you look at this, there will be names which will make you go, "Who?" (& they don't even have WikiPedia pages) But do not be surprised at those guys who went on to bigger and better things, such as the U.S.A. or Canadian National Teams, Major League Soccer, and | or championship- & cup-winning sides, as well as prestigious clubs in Europe.
We had competent players. What we did not have was a cohesive management. I shall always believe that had we gotten the franchise in July 1995, there would have been cohesive management.

Chicago POWER players: 1994-95 & 1995-96.
"*" = One who played in both seasons.
A tan cell is a player who has received his custom cassette.
Tony Sanneh* Bill Sedgewick Jim Harkness*Juan Carranza*
Larry Sunderland* Tony BonoEloy Salgado Joey Kirk
Dan Stebbins Ken Snow Jon Szczepanski Steve Snow
Chuck Codd* Mark Schlenker Mark Manganello Zelimir Antonijevic
Mike Huwiler Nick DeSantis Brian Blaschka Joey Murtagh
Roldege AriusScott Kreitmeir Jay Rensink Albert Adade
Victor Fernandez*Chris King Randy Soderman Shane Steadman
Doug Petras Scott Geraghty Rick Soderman Tag Gambatese
Mike Byrne Franz Calixté Guillermo SalgadoDany Yonan
Keenan MikalNeil Gilbert Ed Puskarich Kris Klassen
Peter GastisRoss Hoagland Greg Muhr Bob Harmon
Frank ArlaskyJason Burdge* Stuart Dobson Jon Halliwill
Mark Simpson Jim AdamsKeith Nelson Ko Thanadabouth
Bret Hall Brian Bradley Dan SchmitzKyri Sellaidopoulos
Jim MyersRyan Stengren George Wendel David Brown
Bora PetricPat Gray Lyndon Hooper Larry Julius
Tom AnagnostAlex Umansky Vince Dattilo Jeff DeVettori
Adam HochKevin Leucht

Again, a very large "Thank You" to all these people who valiantly performed for few dollars and fewer supporters. Each of these players will receive a custom 90-minute audiocassette with songs which speak directly to the seasons. As a player receives this, I will tint his table cell tan. [N.B. I haven't checked the links here in quite some time.]