On a certain occasion: My dad.

I need to utter some words on this circumstance. Some of you may know that I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. Indeed, some episodes of my life seem to have been imbued with a cosmic vapor. I am a minor piece in someone's astral chess game.

One element which flits through my consciousness sporadically is how people react when somebody they know and | or love is shuffling off his | her mortal coil. They typically identify as more ‘religious’ than I. When they express solicitude, I ponder how keen are their religious beliefs? I possess a Bible. I read chapters of it. But, these others are likely are more cognizant of what it describes, and what it promises.

What is the foundation of their palpitation? If you confide in what it represents, you possess that the afterlife is the destination for all. Is it a crisis of faith; that whatever a person did in his | her life shall be insufficient to grant him placement in what was pledged? There are so-called ‘religious’ individuals whose path to the afterlife could certainly be challenged. I have been heard to utter about "People who are in for a shock when they appear before St. Peter." It is sad there are people who disregard the saying "live and let live". It is horrendous that many who ‘believethou shalt not kill does not apply to every human being on Earth. But it will not be myself, or you, who shall finally determine their merit.

For all of this, I perceive you can comprehend my waxing on the topic. On my World-Wide Web introduction page, I give prominent placement to this quote from Steven Weinberg:
With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

The behavior of people asserting they are performing God's work on Earth when they perpetrate acts aimed at punishing those with whom they contend is an abomination upon all. Yet these peccant bands continue to find new acolytes befuddled due to brainwashing techniques. The usage of insensate messages is disquieting when applied to physical items. When lathed upon a conscience, it crosses the transom into derangement. In such an era as that in which we live today, one could wonder why God has not used his potency to cease such repugnant handiworks.

So you see how I wax to the other side of the spectrum.

I shall not speculate if my father is in his desired space in the afterlife. I prefer to believe he is. I hope that none of you who have put up with me speaking this text shall ever do something which could put you at risk of not ascending to your desired space. I have no intention of ever doing so, and I hope to be in this corporeal form for scores in the future.

If you adhere to a more ‘religious’ belief than do I, I beseech you to absorb all of what that entails. Read the Bible. Contemplate all of it. Are there chapters therein which seem in conflict with another? Please employ your intelligence. If it modifies your faith, then perhaps I was put here to imbue a cosmic vapor upon you. Thank you. May God bless and love all of you. Amen.

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