Are licensed venues ever again going to be permitted?

Shall they be another fatality of COVID-19?

Have I even a 1% chance at showing my movies anywhere anymore?

Oh wow. You actually clicked-through.

In Illinois' Phase 4 COVID-19 parameters, a licensed venue can be open, but must limit the time a customer can be there. This has been adjudged to be 120 minutes. At that moment, a customer must settle up (if he | she | it has not already) and leave the premises. Presumably, they can migrate to another licensed venue, if there is one nearby. They're being converted into an automatic “pub crawler”.

If and when sports events resume in North America, with subsequent telecasts; the only sport which can confine itself to a 120 minute televised time span is soccer. All the other sports - oh dear, let's just scribe that it is going to be another sticky situation when venue workers at the "sports bar" have to enforce the 120 minute rule. Because if they do not, somebody is going to call them out on not enforcing the rule. Then, public health officials are going to appear and cite the venue for a violation, perhaps going as far as shutting down the venue, which then furloughs everybody working there, and gravely wounds the possibility of the venue reopening a third time.
The converse of this being that people stay at home to watch sports on television, which is going to be harmful to the economy. (For a chunk of people, the health of the economy is more paramount than the health of the population.)

The 120 minute rule is destructive to any activities occurring in a licensed venue beyond consuming licensed beverages. Trivia nights, karaoke, open mikes, live music: They are not going to return until COVID-19 is adjudged ‘manageable’ [i.e.: Phase 5].
The above activities are higher on the list to restart than my desire to present erotic movies to an unaware populace. Then, one must also contemplate that some aspects of the listed activities above will run afoul of the conditions which some venue workers are decrying. ‘Inappropriate’ trivia questions, eyebrow-raising songs sung in karaoke {forget R. Kelly - how about those misogynistic Rolling Stones songs?}, dreadful attempts at ‘humor’ at open mikes, jaw-dropping lyrics chanted by live musicians - these can all be cited as contributing to a toxic atmosphere at a licensed venue.
Essentially, the current role of a licensed beverage venue is for you to go there, consume beverages for 120 minutes, and then leave. The persons fortunate enough to be employed at the venue shall not appreciate you having four bottles | cans of a $5.00 beer in this span. They shall really want you to order eight $12.00 cocktails, and then leave a 20% tip.

It should also be obvious that earlier closing times for licensed venues is going to slay “after hours” spaces [i.e.: Four-A.M. bars]. There is no financial sense for a venue in expending the additional amount for the “after hours” license if it, like any other licensed venue, has to shut down at midnight, due to coronavirus worries.

I wince at the above scenario. The erotic movies I would present are not just graphic depictions of sexual acts.
They are movies, with direction, cinematography, plots, and real acting.
Particularly in the instances of the movies I have which were made in Europe, Brazil, and Japan, people have never seen them.
But yes; they could also be considered to administer in a toxic atmosphere at a licensed venue (as could any number of ‘mainstream’, M.P.A.A.-rated “Hollywood” movies).

I may be revealing a submissive masochistic trait when stating I would still enjoy presenting my movies (somewhere | anywhere). If you can glimpse a clear route for me through this pandemic, contact me via E-Mail at qsmut2.pudgym29 [at]

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