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A U.S.A.-hosted adult-oriented bookmark page.

I have heard that other Internet denizens do not mention or link to these bookmark pages, not because of what I link to, but because my full name appeared up front. This has to do with “doxing”. I stand behind the World-Wide Web sites to which I link. If you look at the Source Code here, my name remains in the metadata.

I have removed the JavaScript code which kicks you out to if I detect you surfing here with Microsoft©® Internet Explorer® (because MsIE is no longer in support). There is a problem with Chrome as well as Edge. Other World-Wide Web browsers track your on-line movement, ostensibly to target which ads it will show you, which you most likely do not glimpse because you also utilize an ad-blocker extension. But it would have to comply with a court order to turn over all your World-Wide Web browsing history to an investigating agency.
Have you noticed that people have written “advice” columnists relating that he | she was snooping around on a companion's computer, and being shocked by what the browsing history supposedly showed? Besides that the snooper should be dumped immediately (He | She is looking for ammunition for a future break-up, and has just birthed it.); this is a very common incident which could lead to real-life problems for people, period. Cease using MsIE. Chrome is not better. Instead of Microsoft©®, now Google™ is tracking your World-Wide Web surfing history.
Firefox has a setting which will automatically clear your browsing history, download history, cache, and cookies when you close it.
Flash: I saw another “advice” columnist tell a letter writer she should be suspicious of her companion because the browser history had been cleaned! How did these dolts actually get their columns (and so-called “authority”)? I bet it involved a lewd act which if any of their readers wrote in to mention having done similarly, they would be excoriated in print.

Sexuality Resources

rec.arts.movies.erotica [r.a.m.e]
Here is the World-Wide Web home page for rec.arts.movies.erotica; "The home of civilized smut"; a moderated Usenet newsgroup to which I used to post (when I had Usenet access).
Internet Adult Film Database
The IAFD is the premier W-WW resource for information about the U.S.A. porn community. It is maintained by a volunteer staff of editors.
Society for Human Sexuality
Acknowledging your own intimate sexuality has been one of the most difficult experiences of living in the U.S.A. (and much of the Western Hemisphere) This valuable site, which is considered off-limits by most World-Wide Web blocking programs (to their discredit), is a superb site to help anyone to bring their erotic drive to the high plateau it should occupy.
Scarleteen is a sex education W-WW site for the real world. It orbits around honest, fresh, and fun sex education and information for young adults. It provides articles, advice, accurate information, and interactive media for teens to explore and understand their sexuality. It is part of the Sex Ed Web Circle. Heather Corinna is the webmaster.
Sunny Megatron
She is a companion of Ken Melvoin-Berg. They are the presenters of "Sex with Sunny Megatron", which played on Showtime and dealt with sexpositive topics. She has a podcast, American Sex, which is linked from here. They moved from Chicago, IL. to Las Vegas, NV. Her W-WW site is along the lines of a blog, with numerous rubrics into associated topics.
Maybe now Facebook (a|k|a "Dungheap") will accept that Sunny Megatron is her real name.
Kinky Katie's World
She (Katie McKinley) is a lifestyle fetishist who also performs in videos. She is an exhibitionist who loves being watched. I learned about her when she guested on a sexpositive podcast I downloaded. She has hosted her own sex positive radio show since 2012. The live presentation is Saturday @ 10:00 pm [GMT - 6] on Radio KAOS. I recommend downloading and listening to her podcasts.
Savage Love
Savage Love is a weekly syndicated column by Dan Savage, a gay guy with a companion. His columns may orbit around gay and bi-sexual persons and their relationship snags, but there is much solid advice for people of all sexualities. There is also a podcast which is linked from here. I downloaded many of his podcasts, but have unsubscribed. Despite the opening segment where a sexpositive episode with a happy ending is described, the balance of the podcast is regularly dealing with misogyny and sensual repression which is not decreasing. For me, listening to these podcasts is depressing. Your mileage may vary.
FetLife is "A network by kinksters for kinksters". It is a social networking W-WW site intended for sexpositive people. I am registered here as "pudgym29". I am not a supporting member because, due to FetLife being hosted in the U.S.A., there are certain sexually-oriented topics which it insists its members do not discuss, lest it loses its credit card processor. But it lost that war. Credit card processors mandated the removal of content, fetishes, and groups, and then still declined to process its payments until more content was removed. (How did credit card processors become the Internet's ‘moral guardians’? More importantly, how do we replace them with more tolerant types?) I believe FetLife should move its server host to another country like Iceland. Finally, as somebody who has not contracted COVID-19 {I have been fully vaccinated.}, I now have more to fear about interacting with other FetLife members, lest they are harboring COVID-19. I will not deactivate my account, but I am not logging on here much at all.
This is the adult community for sexually adventurous people. Its members are into a wide variety of fun, including parties, dining, dancing, writing, travel, exhibitionism, swinging, BDSM, bisexuality, fetishes, and more. But most of all, they are all about making friends, and living an uninhibited lifestyle with no pressures and no hassles.
Leather Archives & Museum
The LA&M, located on Chicago's far north side, is committed to the compilation, preservation and maintenance of the leather lifestyle and related lifestyles [including, but not limited to the GLBTQ+ communities], history, archives and memorabilia for historical, educational, and research purposes.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the U.S.A. that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.
Age of consent [#1]
This is AVERT, a non-prurient World-Wide Web site dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV, and other sexually transmitted illnesses, world-wide. This is its page with a table which denotes the minimum age when a person could engage in male-female; male-male; and female-female sex, in a specific state of the U.S.A., and in another country.
Age of consent [#2: Wikipedia]
I added these two W-WW sites when Live Journal altered its Terms of Service to include content which, despite its claim to be violative of U. S. laws, was and is legal; and as such, revealed that Live Journal was intent upon censoring controversial viewpoints to appease sought-after investors, advertisers, and vigilanté gangs.
Nudes And Prudes
This is an astounding essay, by Bertram Brooker, originally published in Canada in 1931, in which the expounding debated back then is sadly still poignant, especially insofar the Internet, and the World-Wide Web.
Opening Up
This is a sexblog maintained by Tristan Taormino. It is a World-Wide Web site for people interested in open relationships of all kinds, including monogamy with benefits, nonmonogamy, partnered nonmonogamy, swinging, polyamory, polyfidelity, solo polyamory, mixed orientation marriages, and other relationships styles beyond monogamy.
Practical Polyamory™
This is a sexblog curated by Anita Wagner Illig, in which she strives to create the social and political climate where people can discover and practice the intimate relationship structure that best meets their emotional and human needs free of governmental, societal, or institutional coercion, or favoritism. She is committed to helping people who choose polyamory learn the relationship skills necessary to succeed.
Mike South
Mike South was an adult producer | director | performer. He is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. [U.S.A.] He retired from the business in 2017, and sold this World-Wide Web site. Its new owners have not tampered with its presentation or content. He still spends some time in porn, but now it is helping females get into the business without having anything to do with “porn valley” or the people associated with it. Beware of some of the respondents to entries, including one loathesome male who wishes for every male prisoner to be raped and sero-converted.
Polyamory forum
This is a forum intended to provide a rubric for people who are polyamorous or poly-curious. It welcomes poly folk of every orientation: Hetero, GLBTQ+, pansexual, asexual, or anything else; and involved in every sort of poly tangle. The domain name is registered to somebody in Hong Kong, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Safety for on-line kinksters
You probably already know how I caution you to maintain a semi-anonymous profile when traversing erotic W-WW sites, which includes BDSM, kink, and swingers sites. But should a day arrive when you want to intentionally take the additional step to transform an on-line episode into a genuine physical meeting, this W-WW site by ‘Ambrosia’ has solid advice intended to increase your safety should the person you agreed to meet turns out to be hazardous to you.
Imagination is intelligence with an erection
This is a sexblog by M. Christian. I asked for (and received) permission to tweak one of his articles which appeared in Richard Freeman's "Batteries Not Included" zine [defunct] for a World-Wide Web forum on which I post pseudonymously. Then I was mollified on that forum and never scribed the revision. But he should be on here. He is an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 300 stories published in books, magazines, and on W-WW pages.
The Rialto Report
This is a multi-faceted weblog orbiting around classic | vintage smut of the 1970s and 1980s. Its main blogger is “Benson Hurst” [a|k|a Ashley West]. The reason why it was left off this bookmark page was due to my belief that it consisted solely of podcasts with the people involved with these movies. I was erroneous. The podcasts are spectacular. Go download them now. It is hosted in the U.S.A. (in Utah)
Taliesin is a person who has accomplished quite a few things in the universe of adult-oriented entertainment. It includes performances, publications, crew work, screenplays, and more. This is one of many World-Wide Web sites which he maintains. His site's management company is in Elgin, IL.
1960s porn purveyors
While searching for Ruben Sturman's quote about why he avoided paying Federal income tax ["I didn't believe in giving any of my money to a government which was using it to try and put me in prison."], I found this E-Zine. This specific URL sends you to Earl Kemp's [R.I.P.] chapters. Back-parse to learn more about the connection between science and erotica writers (and publishers). Earl also maintained a distinct W-WW site at
Erotic film posters
Here is a huge consortium of theatrical one-sheets and posters.
There is another movie poster W-WW site on the regular bookmark page.
Internet Trash
Here is the largest place for tasteless, useless, trashy, politically incorrect, rude, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, extreme, waste of bandwidth homepages.
I had difficulty deciding where to place this link. Pornzilla is an add-on package of tools for surfing W-WW porn sites with the Firefox browser. These bookmarklets and extensions make it easier to find and view porn, letting you spend more time looking at the smut you like.
Stream Detector [Firefox]
I had difficulty deciding where to place this link. This add-on detects media streams in a W-WW page which has them. Clicking on the note symbol will generate a JavaScript display of the stream's file name, and sometimes its size. Clicking on the file name will copy the full stream URL to enable you to paste into your automatic downloading program. This is easier than the method which previously appeared on this page. I use this to download JAVs; but it can be utilized for audio streams and non-erotic media as well.
I reiterate that not all streaming servers can be downloaded from. The JAV streams which can are ST, and DD. Other harvestable JAV streaming sites are Spankbang [c.v.], Noodle Magazine, JAV Bangers, and Tokyo Motion [on the international bookmark page].
Cruising for sex
This is the World-Wide Web site where gay and bi-sexual men can locate public and | or semi-public locales to find like-minded partners.

Adult W-WW Site Reviews

Jane's net sex guide
Jane is a real person who takes the time and effort to explore what occurs with adult World-Wide Web sites. She interviews people behind the sites. She rates many of them, with a predilection for Bondage | Domination | Sadism | Masochism [BDSM] sites. If you are looking for worthwhile adult W-WW sites, here is a good starting point.

Free Erotic W-WW Sites

Thumbnail Group Preview [TGP] Sites

The Goat List
Here is a categorization W-WW site. It has a vast number of keywords. Select either movies or pictures.
Dr. Bizzaro
Dr. Bizzaro {watch that spelling} is a link site to 100% free adult World-Wide Web sites. There are no pop-up consoles [entering or egressing], no blind links, and no pull-throughs to a pay site.
The Stile Project
You may have heard about this W-WW site. It now encompasses its former movie side project. I believe all the content here is now Flash®-based. It will attempt to open a new browser window for each link.
O V Guide
This is Online Video Guide's first page of links to other W-WW sites providing free erotic content. Many of its links are to sites running Flash®, but there are enough offering downloadable clips that I can add it here. You may back-parse for non-erotic video content, and you may register to rate and comment on any W-WW site mentioned here.


JAV Library
This is a valuable on-line resource, in English (and Japanese and [simplified] Chinese) which serves a dual function. You can investigate Japanese Adult Videos on a number of variables, and, if you register for it (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted), you can organize your own JAV collection. I am registered here under a pseudonym, and keenly recommend this W-WW site.
JAV Guru
This is an English-language sexblog with an active webmaster | janitor. All the JAVs referred into here are personally selected. You can read the comments here to learn more about the JAVs. The janitor has composed English subtitles for some JAVs. There are decensored | mosaic reduced JAVs available here. (Uncensored AVs are a separate link from here.) It is hosted in San Francisco, CA. on Cloudflare®.
S u p JAV
This is a JAV MGP which links to hundreds of clips and full videos from Japanese Adult Videos. I alert you to its rubrics which include decensored JAVs alongside the Uncensored AVs from “underground” studios, along with videos with English or Chinese subtitles.
Basically, what you should accomplish with these two previous links is searching for World-Wide Web sites offering streams of that JAV, and using "The Stream Detector" to download it to your storage media. This is registered to somebody in Japan, but is hosted in San Francisco, CA. on Cloudflare®.
Voyeur Video Kingdom
Here is a World-Wide Web eroblog with an "xyz" TLD. It is a unique information site that introduces free voyeur videos found on the W-WW by its webmaster | janitor. The weblog orbits around peeping videos in thirteen categories, plus a catch-all rubric. Some of its links request tolerance from you. It is registered to somebody in Japan, but it is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
M e g a m i c h
This is an erotic weblog in which our webmaster | janitor focuses on images and videos in which bikini tops and panties are a featured element. It is registered to somebody in Japan, but is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
M a x JAV
This is an erotic blog in which our janitor focuses on videos in a spectrum of JAV genrés. I have added it because he also provides screenshots of the videos he offers. He uploads the videos on Tezfiles. You may opt to investigate "debrid" to obtain them there, but I encourage you to look up the label and release number on a search engine (Try Startpage on the regular bookmark page, or Noodlemagazine on the international bookmark page.) to learn if there is a streaming host offering it for free [c.v.: JAV Guru]. It is registered to somebody in Japan, but is hosted in San Francisco, CA. on Cloudflare®.
Paipan Japanese Videos
This is an MGP linking to streams of uncensored AVs.
It is registered to somebody in Japan, but is hosted in San Francisco, CA. on Cloudflare®.
JAV Angel
This is an MGP website connecting to numerous streams of Japanese Adult Video releases. It is possible to download a number of streams to your storage media, and this site will assist you in locating them. I have been utilizing this W-WW site to harvest indices of the JAVs to which it points. It also has rubrics covering decensored (or reduced mosaic) JAVs, English-subtitled JAVs, and unmosaiced AVs. It has a sister W-WW site at The site is registered to somebody in the Bahamas, but it is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
Asian Thumbs
Here is a link site with pictures of Asians.
For all the W-WW sites whose primary language is Japanese, download the TWP - Translate Web Pages Firefox add-on [on the regular bookmark page]. It will probably be good enough for you to understand what is being uttered.
Japanese Beauties
This is a comprehensive site focusing on Japanese females. It has links to free AV, AN4Y (AsiaNude 4 You), idol, softcore, hardcore, costume play, and hentai anime pages.
Moromie Girl
This is a link site with scores of galleries of Asian (particularly Japanese) females. For v.92 surfers, there are sections where the movie files have their weights listed. There are links to PIXY, PGF, AV females', and some urabon photosets.
Here is a renovated Asian TGP W-WW site with much content seemingly being submitted solely to it. The links are not from any “extreme”, or keenly fetishistic purveyors.
AV Stars' hardcore
This W-WW site has scores of links to image galleries of Japanese female AV (Adult Video) stars in hardcore activity. Most of the images are uncensored. If you click through, depending on your browser's security settings, the pages hosted on may not display the thumbnails, but the images which the thumbnails would illustrate are extant.
Japanese Idols Sexy Images [English]
This is a page linking to libraries of hundreds of gravure idols. The substantial number of images are non-nude bikini shots. The images are medium-resolution. It is also available in Japanese [the link is in the upper left of this page].
Magura Kagura's Tumblr® archive
Here you will glimpse images of idols, both gravure and JAV.
Tokyo Kinky
This is a sexblog which I discovered while browsing a collator of English-translationed articles from Japanese tabloid newspapers. It has a sexpositive attitude about the content it covers, which includes gravure and JAV idols. It is hosted in Houston, TX.
E - L o l i n k [archive]
This was a World-Wide Web site with links to over 1,750 other W-WW sites featuring juvenile and teen-aged erotica, mostly produced in Japan. It requests a lot of tolerance from you. (This was a site which Google™ removed from its result screen.)
After weeks in which it restricted access to Japanese-based I. P. addresses, it went completely off-line in December 2018.
I pull its last accessible (4 November) revision off the Internet Archive.
I repeat my advice to configure an anonymous proxy, possibly surf via a Virtual Privacy Network [VPN], or use Tor, before you click on a link here. There are additional pages maintained directly linked from here. Despite it no longer being on-line, many of the W-WW sites to which it links are extant.
Crazy Idol
I had difficulty determining where to place this URL. Crazy Idol has an extensive amount of galleries of Japanese idols, from across the spectrum (including JAV Idols). Click the banner underneath "Japanese Sexy Girls Gallery 2010" for those. But, as this URL otherwise shows, it is also an on-line store where you can obtain DVDs of them (most are $6). If you wish to do so, you must register an account here (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted). I send you to the North American version of this W-WW site. It is also available in Thai language if you back-parse. The domain is registered to somebody in Thailand, but it is hosted in the U.S.A. [in Dallas, TX.].
There is an additional Japanese idol blog URL on the international page.
Sankaku Complex
I had difficulty determining where to place this URL. Sankaku Complex offers substantial coverage of anime, manga, games, doujinshi, cosplay, seiyuu, and idols, along with galleries, videos, and image sharing. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® and accept cookies in order to post or respond here. Its host server is in Chicago.

Urabon | Urahon

Japanese Girl Friends
Urabon Navigator went offline. "Urabon" is a keyword which commonly finds my bookmark pages. The history of urabon photobooks seems to extend back to 1981. Other photobooks, sporadically referred to as “chromebooks”, including those of U.S.A.-based pornstars [e.g.: Linda Wong, Mai Lin], began trafficing in the underground in 1975. The international bookmark page has links to other W-WW sites hosting urabon photobooks. This URL collates 1993 to 2005.
The final urabon photobook, a double issue of ‘greatest hits’, was published in 2007. I send you to the first page; which has links to urabon, PGF, amateur, schoolgirl, and AV stars' pages. The thumbnails may not display, but the content to which they link is extant. There are also links to thirty TGP listing sites orbiting around Asians. The site is dimensioned for 1024 × 768 displays. On my first jaunt to Japan (December 2005), I actually managed to find one shop (in Akihabara) selling urabon photobooks and uncensored videos.
Leostar's Urabon
Here is another W-WW site hosting Urabon photobooks. It has 409 books uploaded. However, it is impossible to access a collating index. I send you to the 409th urabon photobook. The 409th may be the last regular photobook issued (in 2007). The three-digit number in the URL must be manually changed to 408, 407, etc..
The site is hosted in Newport Beach, CA.

Text Links & Fora

Here is a comprehensive streaming | tube World-Wide Web site. I am utilizing it mostly for JAVs, including one of my grails, the uncensored AVs issued on VHS (& Beta) videocassettes for “private home viewing only” in Japan in the early 1980s; for which its producers felt it could bypass Japanese censorship since it was not intended for public exhibition in theaters. The censorship agency (Eirin) intruded and stated it had to rate these as well. Of course, it wanted these to be mosaiced. {Who was it protecting?} Many of those videos, of which the most significant was "Ken Chan, The Laundry Man" (1982), were exported to the U.S.A. on the Orchids International label. The W-WW site is hosted in San Francisco, CA. on Cloudflare®.
I uploaded quite a number of erotic movies here (both JAVs, and vintage U.S.A. | European | Brasilian) under a pseudonym, but Spankbang disabled that account for an unknown reason. I have a secondary account here, but it has never been allowed to upload either. I have moved my uploads to JAV Bangers [on the international bookmark page].
P o r z o
This is a solid W-WW site which has a laundry list of keywords. You can select among straight, gay, or shemale. The resultant output can be sorted by popularity, date, or duration.
T i a v a
Here is an impressive and thorough erotic portal W-WW site with a female webmaster. It gets bonus points for the detailed explanations of how to avoid popups, dialers, virii, and hijackers. It is affiliated with Porzo.
This is a search engine modelled after AskJolene. You input a keyword, and it will search through its database of URLs with free content which have that keyword in its description. It outputs the results fifteen per page.
Here is another forum with a more expansive and tolerant belief for what erotic content can be referred into it. It is hosted in San Francisco, CA.
Adult Venom
This is one more forum which does not get much traffic, but has interesting rubrics and a variety of solid posters. I am registered here under a pseudonym.
Literotica discussion board
I wound up here one evening. There are solid discussions occurring in the rubrics “Fetish & Sexuality Central” and “BDSM Talk”. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® and accept cookies.
Free premium link generators
With so much on-topic content now being distributed only via file locker services, there is a need for a service which would let you (and I) harvest it without having to pay for a particular file locker. The Vintage Erotica Forum [on the international bookmark page] has a roster of preferred file locker services. Many of them have at least one free premium link generator displayed on this Wiki-styled page. (There are more services. The search term to use is typically "debrid". Be aware that Google™ may remove some of these services from its result screen.) This is hosted in Atlanta, GA.
Euro Babe index
Here is a site with scores of links to females appearing mainly in European adult movies and videos. It includes a database of photoshoots for each model, including whether it was or was not hardcore. It now has permission to reproduce photoshoots of several pay sites.
Fleshbot is a frequently updated web magazine. It showcases all the porn that digital technology and distribution has made possible. This includes CGI and morphed images, amateur females, netcam guys, sex blogs, hentai and yaoi, accidental smut, vintage erotica, celebrity candids, and hardcore video. It is not safe for most workplaces [NSFW].
Here is a forum orbiting around teen-oriented erotic imagery. If you want to register for it, you must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, and accept cookies. The domain name is registered to someone in Russia, but the site is hosted in the U.S.A.
Smut torrents [#1]
I do not partake in bit torrent activity. If you do, this is a good W-WW site for locating erotic movie clips on bit torrent. This site is hosted in the U.S.A., albeit on Cloudflare® [in San Francisco, CA.].
There is another smut torrent listing site on the international bookmark page.
If this URL goes off-line, try or [N.B.: Do not send any torrent W-WW site a tracable payment instrument, even if it pleads for financial help. Governments and people claiming to act on behalf of a copyright holder are attacking torrent listing W-WW sites with fury. LokiTorrent, which solicited funds, when threatened by the M.P.A.A. and the R.I.A.A., not only went off-line, but was compelled to release the identification of each and every person who had sent it money; setting them up for a potential indictment.]
The PornList
While checking URLs for a replacement for, I unearthed this comprehensive porn link page. Everything you could want can be found from here. It is hosted in South Bend, IN.
This is another W-WW site with Flash®-based videos, most of which are erotic. Look at each video page's Source Code [Ctrl + U] to find the URL which you can download.
Naughty XXX Land
This is an MGP with links to a vast spectrum of content. Most of the videos are Flash®-based, but each displays a downloadable URL on the same page. Because of all its thumbnails, this will take some time to completely load. It is hosted in the U.S.A., on Cloudflare®.
F U Q {nee Young Porn Videos}
This was formerly "Young Porn Videos", "Teen MPegs", and before that, "Lolita MPegs". It has transformed again. This is now your basic streaming | tube-based MGP. There may still be some World-Wide Web sites with eyebrow-raising names, but contemplate this: Clearnet links purporting to offer something “illegal” are traps which do not have the content with which they entice you. They might attempt to pop-up additional browser windows, pull you to a malformed W-WW page with a virus embedded thereupon, consume your computer's resources, until the browser and | or your operating system crashes. They might be harvesting I. P. Addresses (if you have JavaScript|ActiveX® on). Do not click on those links!
There is also the possibility that some of them are “sting” links being circulated by law enforcement agencies on hunting expeditions (An Australian Law Enforcement Agency reportedly did this for months!), which is why they are not taken offline when somebody reports them. [My advice is, if you encounter one: Do not report it! If it is not a “sting” link, you could well get the criminal investigation. The L.E.A. could decide, "We can't find who produced or uploaded the content. But we know who possessed and viewed it."]
Greenguy Link O'Rama
Here is a link site which has been online as long as I. It was started by a marketing guy. His method of paying for his bandwidth is sending you to an interstitial page which loads some banners. (If somebody clicks on a banner, he collects a referrer fee.) From the interstitial; you receive the link to the real free site.
He was a 2014 inductee into the Adult Video News [AVN] Hall of Fame.


Patches' Place
This is a W-WW site orbiting around watersports. It celebrates the connection between sexuality and peeing, with lots of fun and humor. It has its own free content, and on-topic links.
Fetish Planet
This is a particular forum, requiring payment in cybercurrency in order to register, post, or reply. Registration (lifetime!) is in two classes: $30.00 for ‘VIP’, or $50.00 for ‘VIP +’. The reason it is being added here is because it is free to browse, and that it links to extreme content which is nonetheless legal somewhere (e.g.: defecation, zoophilia, hypnotism, forced sex fantasies, incest fantasies). Its members are definitely trying to recoup their expenditure by posting links for which they get money when they are clicked on, but there are avoidance methods around this. I found this when an incest Japanese Adult Video uploaded by one of its members was referred into a listing of one of its videos on JAV Library [c.v.]. There are rubrics here with more moderate erotic content. The domain is registered to somebody who is thoroughly anonymized. What amazed me is this site is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA. (I expected it to be hosted somewhere in eastern Europe, or Iceland.)
Extreme Board
Here is a forum orbiting around forced sex fantasies, BDSM, incest, scat and pee | piss, and zoophilia. Registration is required in order to post or respond here. Nearly all the content being referred into here is on “premium” file locker services.
XXX Power
A TGP site with at least one outrageous sub-category. None of the links, all of which are text, redirect you. The domain name is registered to someone in Panama, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Hot Legs in Love
This is a fantasy site maintained by Kelli. She has two other girlfriends, Stephanie, and Pamela, who also enjoy scenarios like this. There are many sections here, both on-topic and off.
Real rape is a serious crime, of which the penalty is years in prison. But there are many people who are intrigued by this fantasy and who shall never attempt any non-consensual activity. To deny them this scenario due to the actions of those who do actually perpetrate the criminal act (and who may have never viewed this imagery) is astoundingly intolerant and absurd. This would be equivalent to saying that all media should cease producing entertainment where someone's death is the topic (including murder mystery novels). If you have an older browser, this site will appear kludgy.
BDSM Videos Network
Here is a TGP to sites with the above-mentioned content. There are both thumbnailed image links and text links. This site includes its referral data in the URL, so there is a possibility you may sporadically be redirected. The surefire way to avoid this is to use Pornzilla in Firefox.
Gay Porn Blog
This is a thorough and comprehensive sexblog webmastered by Mike Stabile and Jack Shamama. They are "obsessed" with gay porn. You will find loads {oops} of free content here [not all of it is gay]. Then you can delve into the other gay porn sexblogs to which they link.

Image BBS' | Image boards

Upload yourself #1b
Against my frequent advice to use image hosts outside the U.S.A., I add a few American-based services here. The codicil here is that they work without JavaScript® being enabled. Since some of these are aimed at persons in countries where English is not the primary language spoken, the domain name may not be memorable to you, and the page might be in an Arabic or Cyrillic text, but they are all effective. This image host is registered to somebody in Saudi Arabia, but is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
Upload yourself #2b
In addition, image hosts outside the U.S.A. are more resilient to improperly filed Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown orders, and anti-erotica zealot inquiries seeking to “out” the person or persons appearing in an erotic image or video.
This site is registered to somebody in Ukraine(!), but it is hosted in the U.S.A. on Cloudflare®.
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This image host is registered to somebody in Serbia, but is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on Cloudflare® in San Francisco, CA.
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This is hosted on a server in Tampa, FL.

Video Feeds & Netcams

NetmeetingSex was hacked off the W-WW by someone from Turkey. (!)
The six networked German reflectors have also gone missing at times. (Those are | were,,,,, and The reflectors which seem to be still extant are,,,,,,, and
JMeeting is free to join. It did not convert to HTML5. It now requires you to download a separate application. The Mac application is v0.9.47. The Windows® application is v0.9.88.
I do not recommend you pay for this site, or any sexually-oriented site. If you live in a community anywhere in the world (or even parts of the U.S.A. - e.g. Cincinnati, OH.); there is a possibility that you could be positively identified [i.e.: “outed”] as being a member of such a site. This could lead to a job termination, divorce, custody challenge, public scandal, or even your arrest.
[What was the most egregious text I viewed? A pay site mentions its "privacy policy" - that it will not identify you as being a member of it. But should you decide you no longer want to subscribe to it; then it reports back that it will put your real name, city, and state on a public page thereupon - because you are not a member anymore! You could feel compelled to continue paying the monthly membership fee. If this is not the 21st Century definition of “hush money”, I do not know what is.]
AnyWebCam is a thorough site with links to individual netcams from around the world. You can chat with other voyeurs and the people in front of the cameras. You need to turn on JavaScript[|ActiveX®]; and accept cookies in order to browse here. A free membership is available. But if you expect to see any nudity or lewd act on a webcam, it will most definitely be restricted to a person paying a certain price-per-minute to the cam performer.

Adult Videos & DVDs

Something Weird Video
SWV is "America's #1 Crackpot Video Company". It has scavenged over one thousand movies from the depths of obscurity. Its videocassettes and DVD-Rs are now only $10 each. Discounts are offered for quantity purchases. I have ordered from SWV. I recommend it. Mike Vraney [R.I.P.] talked about the history of SWV in issue #6 of "Ultra Violent" magazine.
Excalibur Film Distributors
Excalibur is a purveyor of adult DVDs, Blu-Ray®s, and sex toys. You can frequently find a very low price on an adult multi-disc DVD release here.
It also serves as a repository for box covers of released movies and videos going back to 1985, even if the movie or video is no longer available from it.
Adult DVD Marketplace
This is what it states. It is a collection of individuals, some incorporated, some not, who buy, trade, and sell erotic DVDs in a one-on-one manner. There are good bargains to be found here. I have obtained new DVDs from several of its purveyors. You can sort the output on a spectrum of variables. The domain name is registered to somebody in Nova Scotia, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Vinegar Syndrome
This is the U.S.A.-based operation, one of whose principals is Joe Rubin, who I have known in the past (and with whom I appeared on a Chicago cable access TV show), which is committed to preserving and releasing high quality DVDs (and Blu-Ray®s) of movies which, similar to Something Weird Video [c.v.], fell through the cracks of home video distribution, mainly because they were not correctly copyrighted. Its work has resulted in the digital restoration and preservation of over 500 feature movies, more than any other independent studio. It has worked closely with several archives and institutions. Its name is a scientific chemical reaction that deteriorates motion picture film over time.
Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives, in Oakland, CA. is a purveyor in the U.S.A. where explicit adult movies are offered. Its curator is David Naylor. I ordered several movies in the past from Alpha Blue Archives. David is being much more low-key about the operation now. Most of its offerings nowadays are 1980s video productions. Some former erotic movie directors resurfaced to express wrath that it is profiteering off their old work. [Hardly anybody was interested in their movies until they became available through ABA. The movies are not good enough to warrant expensive audio remasterings, which is what they would require to be legally reissued these days, because those same complaining directors “stole” identifiable, copyrighted music for their soundtracks.] It has intriguing content, much of it uncut and uncensored, but I respectfully relate to you I believe it charges too much money for it. But that is insufficient to delete it from here. Also explore the W-WW sites of “Berne Convention purveyors” under the "Zines | Diverse Culture" rubric on the regular bookmark page.
Rog's Reviews
This is Roger T. Pipe's adult video review site. Rog has been reviewing movies on the Internet since 1995. I met him in Orange County, California in 1998. Rog prefers contemporary adult videos. The site is now on its third iteration, and offers much content, including a sexblog, and a forum.
Bill Zebub
It was tough to determine on which bookmark page this should go. I finally decided to put it on this one. Bill Zebub is a director of erotic, bloody, and frequently blasphemous softcore (“Soft-X”) movies with hard rock | heavy metal music on the soundtrack. Bill Zebub manages to cast females in his movies who you would want to see nude, and they do get nude.
I have traded some of my Japanese Adult Videos for his movies [@ Cinema Wasteland ~ on the regular bookmark page]. I should be in one of his movies.
Bill Zebub has resumed a radio broadcast which can be heard via WFMU-FM [also on the regular bookmark page].

That is a real E-Mail address, 

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